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How rivers in the sky melt holes in Antarctic ice. Views expressed in this science and technology update are those of the reporters and correspondents. Content provided by the "Smithsonian Magazine Daily Newsletter". Accessed on 02 March 2021, 2301 UTC, Post 164. Source (email subscription to the "Smithsonian Magazine Daily Newsletter"): Please click link or scroll down to read your selections. Thanks for joining us today. Russ Roberts View in Browser   |   Forward to a Friend     March 2, 2021       'Miraculously' Well-Preserved Ceremonial Chariot Found at Villa Outside of Pompeii         How Rivers in the Sky Melt Huge Holes in Antarctic Ice           Smithsonian  Magazine Events   Join Best-Selling Biographer Alexis Coe for a Live Online Talk About George Washington, the Man Who Couldn't Retire • Mar. 3 at 7 p.m. EST  •             From the Ar
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