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Shrinking margins of Greenland. Views expressed in this science and technology update are those of the reporters and correspondents. Content provided by "" Accessed on 02 January 2021, 1330 UTC, Post 042. Source: Please click link or scroll down to read your selections. Thanks for joining us today. Russ Roberts BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY EARTH HEALTH PHYSICS SCIENCE SPACE TECHNOLOGY HOT TOPICS JANUARY 1, 2021   |   QUASARS RIP ACROSS GALAXIES LIKE TSUNAMIS – THE MOST ENERGETIC OUTFLOWS EVER WITNESSED IN THE UNIVERSE JANUARY 1, 2021   |   LIFE DISCOVERED IN DEEP OCEAN SEDIMENTS AT TEMPERATURES ABOVE WATER’S BOILING POINT JANUARY 2, 2021   |   SHRINKING MARGINS OF GREENLAND: AT LEAST 200 COASTAL GLACIERS HAVE RETREATED OVER THE PAST 20 YEARS JANUARY 2, 2021   |   ICONIC SUNFLOWER SEA STAR IS NOW CRITICALLY ENDANGERED JANUARY 2, 2021   |   F